Suave: A Manifesto of the Space in-between

When we think of space, we consider a state of in-between, like an absence on its way to be filled. Space is the in-between from here and there, today and tomorrow, then and now, from our current print publication to our next print publication.

We claim our online space as an in-between where uncertainty reigns; a freeforming vessel for contemplation, transformation and expansion. Our online volume starts on our website, where it communicates its intention in its time, and then expires, only to continue living in the impression of the mind. This nomadic digital edition will not be here forever; there will be no archive, there will be no bookmarks. It only exists in the moment you catch it.

This is an invitation to stop chasing. To ground ourselves in the necessity of presence because the future is fragile; and our present demands reflection, introspection, and thought.

We treasure our images by knowing they can be lost forever, and we lose them on purpose in order to find them again. We invite you to look at this work knowing you will never see it again. The first time will also be the last time.



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